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20 June 2010 @ 08:57 pm
It's been a long time... Well, since I've been making ringtones more often lately -for myself and my brother mostly- hopefully I'll have more to share from time-to-time. And maybe anyone else out there has some goods to share as well? ^__^

Tonight Tonight Tonight (bridge + chorus) 39s

BLACK DIAMOND feat. Namie Amuro (chorus) 24s

I Will (chorus) 33s

Orenji no Taiyou feat. Hyde (bridge) 27s
Orenji no Taiyou feat. Hyde (chorus) 40s

Ichirin no Hana (intro) 34s
Ichirin no Hana (chorus) 31s

Shounen Heart (chorus) 18s
Thank You!! (chorus + bridge) 36s

Season's Call (chorus) 35s

MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM (bridge + chorus) 40s
New World (chorus) 29s
NEXUS4 (chorus) 29s

The Love Bug feat. BoA (chorus) 17s

mihimaru GT
777 (1st verse instrumental) 29s
ALIVE (chorus) 20s
emotion (intro) 30s
emotion (rap + chorus) 29s
Gazen Yeah! (chorus) 34s
Girigiri HERO (chorus) 31s
Girigiri HERO (rap at the end) 29s
I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY (1st verse) 25s
I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY (chorus at the end) 17s
Kaerouka (Hiroko + Miyake's rap) 28s
Kaerouka -TAKE07- (Hiroko + Miyake's rap) 27s
Kaerouka -TAKE07- (chorus) 25s
Life Guage (chorus) 30s
Love Is... (bridge + last chorus) 38s
Love Is... (chorus) 20s
Love Is... (intro) 36s
Love Sick (rap) 21s
Love Sick (rap + chorus) 40s
michishirube (chorus) 38s
michishirube (rap) 29s
mihimarhythm (chorus) 25s
Naki Natsu feat. SOFFet (chorus) 25s
PUNKISH (bridge + chorus) 40s
PUNKISH (chorus) 27s
Shiawase ni Narou (1st chorus) 37s
Shiawase ni Narou (2nd chorus) 35s
Shiawase ni Narou (rap) 26s
Under the Sea (last chorus) 40s
Wassyoi!! feat. Kosaka Daimaou (chorus) 31s
Yururme no Lady (chorus) 23s

Namie Amuro
Shut Up (chorus) 21s

Always on my Mind (chorus) 22s
Bu Xiang Zhang Da (chorus) 34s
SuperStar (chorus) 23s

Suki Natsu feat. mihimaru GT (chorus at the end) 31s

Coming Home to You (1st chorus) 48s
Girl from Tokyo (last chorus) 44s
Unforgiven Geo's Mix (chorus) 31s

Box in the Ship (bridge) 48s
Box in the Ship (oh-e-oh-e-oh) 04s
Kiss the Baby Sky (bridge) 20s
Kiss the Baby Sky (rap) 18s
Jumon -MIROTIC- Japanese ver. (last chorus) 28s
Jumon -MIROTIC- Japanese ver. (rap) 28s
One Japanese ver. (1st chorus) 27s
Rising Sun Japanese ver. (bridge) 44s
Shelter (2nd rap + chorus) 41s
Sky (chorus) 49s
Sky (intro) 31s
Sky (rap + chorus) 35s
Somebody to Love acapella (chorus + rap) 23s

Utada Hikaru
Devil Inside (chrous) 33s

D-tecnoLife (chorus) 29s

OST: Cowboy Bebop
Ask DNA (chorus) 30s
BLUE (intro) 40s
TANK (end) 35s
01 April 2009 @ 01:45 pm
Okay, well I'm the mod of this community. *waves* And lately I've been making ringtones (even though I don't have a phone ATM). So hopefully these will be useful to somebody :P

Ayumi Hamasaki
Because of You (chorus) 23s
Curtain Call (2nd verse - end) 33s
EnergizE (chorus) 37s
Honey (chorus) 34s
Load of the SHUGYO 32s
LOVE 'n' HATE (intro) 34s

Best Friend (chorus) 29s
Did Ya (bridge + chorus) 23s
Did Ya (chorus) 29s
Eat You Up (bridge2 + chorus) 20s
Eat You Up (bridge1) 24s
Energetic (bridge) 37s
Girls On Top -English (chorus) 26s
Girls On Top -English (end) 37s
Hypnotic Dancefloor (chorus) 31s
Key of Heart -English (chorus) 39s
Lose Your Mind (chorus) 25s
The Love Bug (chorus) 17s

Triangle (BoA solo) 23s
Triangle (last chorus) 40s
Triangle (The TRAX solo) 33s

Utada Hikaru
Apple and Cinnamon (end) 38s
Automatic Part II (1st chorus) 30s

Ready Steady Go (intro) 24s

Yuna Ito
Mahaloha (chorus - end) 38s
Stuck On You (chorus) 30s

Skoop On Somebody
Happy People (chorus) 25s

Namie Amuro
NEW LOOK (chorus x2) 40s
No (chorus + N-A-M-I-E) 37s
Rock Steady (chorus) 37s
Sexy Girl (chorus) 33s
WHAT A FEELING (chorus) 31s
WILD (intro) 33s
There are many different ways to get your ringtones onto your phone. One way I've used in the past is mobile17. It's a free service, and for this method, all you need is to be able to receive text messages and internet access.

Other methods I've found from searching the web:
click for more optionsCollapse )

If you have any other methods to be added to this post, please leave a comment and let me know about them. :]
31 March 2009 @ 01:36 am
feel free to request new tags here
31 March 2009 @ 01:35 am

if you would like to be added to the list, comment here